Sunday, November 19, 2006

last night
I watched the Oiler game here at Rexall place playing Detroit. The Oilers won in a shoot out. Good stiff. But mostly as I was flipping back and forth between channels I was watching TNA wrestling. I love TNA. Excellent stuff. I also fleshed out the middle of “F” and working on what scenes I can expand on in the ending portion. Having a great time. I’ve got 5 more scenes to go and I’m just about ready to do the character sketches and that’ll be fun. Then come scene timing, each scene in chronological order. Scene one Ten am Wednesday type thing and some of the scenes will change depending on what I come up with for the various vp characters. But I’ll be working on “F” for the balance of the day.

So, this morning I went to bed about 2:15am after having that gravel pill and

I passed out in due order. Other then waking up to use the bathroom I slept well until about 7:10am. I did the cbi thing and went back to bed and slept until 1am. A good 6 hours and 5 hours before that. A good 7 hours sleep. Wow.

Also last night I began the early preliminary work on my Space Opera. I’m planning a 10 vol. set. Each book will be around 155k, 120 scenes in each book. I might just write the whole thing before I release any of it and work on my other projects.

I’m still working on my website as well and that’s a work in progress.

Tomorrow is the big day. I’m not looking forward to going in but I hope I get answers right away. If I am in the early stages of MD then I’ll face up to that. Like I have a choice, If all I have is that posterior capsular haze thing, then I’ll be breathing a sigh of relief. I’ll have an update tomorrow afternoon. Right now my vision is hazy. Strait lines are strait. I can read this from 12 inches away. It wasn’t as bad as before where I had to get right up to the screen and read, But MD is mostly an age/hereditary thing. Diabetes can be a factor in MD as well and that’s another condition I have.


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