Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I’m blogging

at my website and Blogger for the time being. Yesterday I managed to get a stat counter project going to view stats so that’s a good idea.

Anyway I got to bed about 2am and slept off and on but got up again about 5 to do the cbi thing. I took a bsl reading last night, at 15.3! Yikes. I haven’t had it that high in a long time. I went back to bed after the batteries were charged up in my battery re-charger. The green light was off. So now I can start using my digital camera again. But what I need instead of books this pay cheaque is back up disks. I might be able to buy one book and a set of back up disks. On this computer I’ve got one folder for everything. I went back to bed around 5:30am and slept off and on all morning getting up to go to the bathroom. But I’m sufficiently refreshed now as it is.

I’m finishing up my first coffee here.

Just a short Blog entry today as I also want to go onto work more on “F” and post this to Blogger and then to my website.


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