Thursday, November 16, 2006

I was in
bed by 3am and I don’t mind that. Coast was pretty good, on UFO’s and I like shows like that but I’m not going to be up until 5am. I’m up at about 6am and I think I got 2.5 hours before I did the cbi thing and up until 7am checking out my website from the new link Markus had given me.

And I find that my email client is blocking my email inadvertently. Now I’ve got to give them a call and ask them to correct that. More headaches. So I think I slept form maybe 7:30am until about 11.00am. I’d still be in bed if it wasn’t for my wife restless and up now doing a bottle run. I don’t mind that so much as I minded the cats but it was just one thing after another and my Markus email being blocked, I’m not in a good mood this morning. Normally I’d love to be snoring away in bed.

Anyway, I’m having my first coffee here.

It’s a nice looking day out there. Tomorrow night I’m thinking about going to Chapters again and buy a few more books. I might even be able to get myself that breakfast sandwich from Tim’s as well Sat morning. Nice.

But I still have to contact my isp and find out what’s going on with my email. This is really annoying me because I want to be able to do some more website stuff with Markus this weekend. I really like GL because it’s so easy to use except that text editor is lousy. I’m thinking of a 3 column layout for the front page of my website and the Blog 2 column the way my Blog is laid out now. Everything else 2 column and all in the same color scheme type thing, I also added this morning My top to SF TV shows, Even though I didn’t watch the show very often I thought Babylon 5 was by far the best SF tv show of the 1990’s.

Also, I worked on more scene expansion for the beginning of “F” and I’ll begin work on the middle today, All that’s really needed is to go with the scenes that have a lot of detail in them already and expand upon them, So the beginning, middle and end look something like 28/56/28. So if I need to make this work, 8/16/8. This makes it to be 112 scenes in all. With 6 Viewpoint characters, that breaks down according to Marshall, 67, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9 scenes. The bulk of these scenes are of course the lead. Now the minor characters don’t need full blown scenes in themselves. I can always have their scenes a scene within a scene but the sequel will always be left for the hero and the villain. Only the villain and the hero get their own scenes. The secondary characters I think I’ll have them with scenes but no sequels. I’m not sure yet but the above will be the basic layout for “F”

But that;s all for now


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