Saturday, November 18, 2006

I tried
going back to bed after that but no such luck so I figured I’d get up, have a coffee and play around on the computer for a while.

So, then today I’ll be heading into work just before 9am and I’ll get the staff donuts and one for my wife and I’ll get my breakfast sandwich and settle into work.

What’s after “F”? I’m going to work on my space-opera series I call EOS

Going into work was easy. I got the donuts for the staff and a breakfast sandwich for me. I got a donut for my wife and a non-glazed one for me and I ate my breakfast sandwich, Very tasty. I had a great start to
the first half and slower in the 2nd half. JT was there providing some entertainment. By the time the last hour was upon us I was feeling wiped out. I was glad to get out of there and home. Anne hadn’t even been out of bed at all and I came in and we talked for a while then she got up to go out to do her stuff and I tried having a nap. I don’t think I got very far though, Perhaps an hour.

Tonight I’m watching the Oiler/Detroit game and some more work on “F” and that should be about it. I’m kind of worried about Monday.

My email is slow and behaving erratically all week. I’m gradually receiving emails from Markus. Right now working with blocks. He seems to think that individual Topics in automatic Topics menu can be changed. The blocks determine the overall structure of the page. But that’s only for blocks in the block management area not for individual Topics because he went and changed the front page to a 3 column layout for me and now everything is in 4 columns.


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