Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I ended up
not going to bed when I wanted to at about 2am. Instead I was fooling around with my website now that I can get access to

the admin area again. I wanted to stick with OS Empire but I’m not getting the kind of support I’m getting with Markus. So, when I get my holiday pay taken out I’ll put the request in Dec 22nd and I should get the full amount added onto my pay cheaque Christmas week Dec 28/29th. Most likely on the
28th depending on Christmas being a Monday and how head office issues out
Cheaque. If I get it on that Thursday night then Friday afternoon or Saturday afternoon, it’s probably better if I do the WU baking thing that Saturday afternoon. After work, then I can go to Chapters and pick up my Christmas present. So, if all things work out well, I will be moving this blog over to my website, This morning I already transferred most of the links over.

Also last night I was able to move some Amazon book covers over and I almost had a bit of a scare when some of the code pushed my whole front page over. I’ll still keep Blogger up and running, as it’s not costing me anything. Almost everything that goes there to Blogger is being typed on my msword account anyway.

I also want to get Msword Student Teacher edition and have a copy of that I can move around between systems and I hope to get that asap.I’m onto my first coffee.

Anne and I were talking today saying that because I didn’t sleep very well over night and she’s off tonight, I’m going to have tonight off. So I’ll be going over to Bo Didlies call Tony at 4:45pm and let him know my diabetes is acting up and I’m not feeling well. Which is true, I’m not. But I’ll surprise him and show up Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday afternoon, Saturday as well.

Sorry for the inconsistencies here folks but ms word and blogger don't mix very well.


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