Saturday, November 11, 2006

Hows that
for sleeping in late? We got to bed about 4am and listened to a bit of Coast. I had taken the gravel pill about 2am. I ate those sandwiches and Anne had something to eat. It was getting on to 5am so I figure I may as well stay up until 5am and then do the cbi thing. A bit after 5am I was asleep and I slept well up until I had to get up several times to use the bathroom. I only got out of bed about 12:25pm.

I’m waking up with my first coffee here.

Well, the Sun is out probably the first time all week.

I worked some more on “F” last night and I know the direction I’m going with the next 15 scenes of the story up too the 3rd crisis point. I don’t get into shock value like J Alan Erwine does but that’s his style even though he says they’re done not do this for gratuitous reasons but I think the reader would get board with too many of these shockers fast.

Anyway it’s Remembrance Day out there in the City.

The Oilers won one last night in Columbus 4-1. Good stuff. It breaks a 4 game losing streak and they go into St. Louis Sunday to play an afternoon game. They are off to about the same start they had last year. I’d be happy if the Oilers just make the playoffs this year.


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