Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Hollowe’en is over.
I went into work with Anne and I walked across a very icy parking lot behind First Edmonton Place passing by the ye old Hobbits Fantasy Shop location now only an empty lot for parking patrons. Sigh, and into work. The shift was just changing as I got inside and I claimed my dialer. JT was there. We did Wheelchair Sports. I ended up doing most of my sales on WS and, I stepped outside to get some air for a few minutes. I brought my camera along to take a few photos of the staff and a full shot of me. I sold a family pack as well 4 tickets and I got a 20 sponsorship on top of that for $100 and a $10 credit card. Also, the left over “Hollowe’en O’ Rama” candy grab bags. I got 4 of them for Anne. I got outside to try and take a few night time shots but they didn’t turn out very well. I had an uneventful ride home and Anne wasn’t in. But came in the door as soon as I had my coat off. She appreciated the candy. I downloaded the images I took and did some internet stuff and Anne made me a nice baked pasta and we watched the news and here I am. So that’s all for tonight.

I’m not listening to Coast. Well maybe.


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