Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Here we go,
I was in bed by 2:30am listening to a bit of Coast. Not my kind of topic on psychic development. Pretty lame stuff. Tonight is a lame topic as well on US economic forecast. But they got a good show on Thursday night before open lines, on "Aliens and Giants" before another open lines show. Anyhow I went to sleep and woke up at 6:30am and fed the cats. the ol cbi thing. I think I got about 2.3 hours sleep and then I went back to bed and I slept fairly well until noon. Other then getting up a few times to use the bathroom. I think I got 7 hours sleep.

Sometimes over at WWE on Raw, "rapper" Kevin Federline has been boasting how he's married to Britney Spears and bla, bla, bla. and seems to have a "vendetta" on John Cena and challenges Cena on Raw the other night. Big fucking deal. "K-Fed" is a little weasel anyway, the guy is a braggart. Why does the WWE even give this guy any attention? I had to laugh last night when on "Entertainment Tonight" it was announced that Britney Spears has filed for divorce from "K-Fed.". citing "irreconcilable differences." Can you say prenup K-Fed. "Ching ching." Normally I don't pay much attention to Hollywood but because there is a wrestling cross over storyline, I had to mention it. I like John Cena. Even when he was a rapper because he never took himself too seriously unlike this "K-Fed" idiot. That's why I had to laugh about the divorce news.

Speaking about music (uh-oh I feel another rant coming on. Read at your own risk.) but since the emergence of "Rap/hip-hop there" hasn't been a new musical genre since 1990. Not that I consider Rap, real music or anything. Lets take a brief look at pop music.When "pop music" as we know it today first emerged on the scene in the 1950's. We can go further back then that according to Wikipedia. But for the purposes of my observations pop music began in the 1950's so we'll start there. The emergence of pop music contained musical acts like Buddy Holly, Elvis, that sort of thing. In the 60's we had the British Invasion and the hippie generation. I roll that as one category. In the early 70's, we had the 60's hangover and pop music softened. Then we had Disco, Glam and Punk/New wave. The 80's had a distinct sound unto itself and basically the 70's party continued. Music in the 80's was great. So in the 70's we had three different musical styles, Disco, Glam, Punk/NewWave. Then in 1990 kids started wearing baseball caps backwards and running shoes with the shoe tongue over the pants and in 1990 Rap "music" came out with MC Hammer and that opened up the flood gates. It's been Rap ever since. From 1990-2006. 16 years of the crap. The artists that I liked were still doing their own thing, like Midnight Oil, Kansas, Alan Parsons etc. I first heard about Ska in the 1990's and I was hoping that Ska would break the back of Rap but it didn't. So I ask myself if there is ever going to be a new "sound" that will sweep Rap music under the rug of time like Glam and Disco. Why do I hate Rap? For one thing it disenfranchised me as far as contemporary music was concerned. Rap/Hip-hop was/is mostly a black thing that grew out of the Bronx in New York.There is no musical "talent" involved as the "music" is mostly sampled. My generation did it better in the beetnick period but even back then it was underground. Rap was still underground for many years but since I'd say about 1998 or so Rap is now mainstream. Not that there was any great musical talent in 70's Punk but everyone knew this. The lyrics in Rap turn me off as well, as they are mostly about drugs and Ho's and crime and guns. Wow, something to aspire to. The music of the 60's and to the most part of the 70's was about sex, drugs and rock n' roll. We didn't think how cool it was to knock off a 7-11 or gun play and selling crack. Music of my generation was fun music. God, Now I'm sounding old. But music of my generation wasn't about glorifying crime, guns and Ho's. Rap is not nice "music" I'm not trying to sound like a preacher here and pardon me if I am but its my Blog. When Rap came along, music died and it's still dead other then a few artists that are trying to make real music like the Dixie Chicks, Prince, U2, Franz Ferdinand, Green Day. Thank God there are still bands out there making music. The Who and the Rolling stones, haven't sold out to Rap music, even though the Stones did a discoesque Lp track "Miss you" in 1978. I think Prince has done one Rap song and has flirted (rarely) with rap but him and Michale Jackson I have a lot of respect for because they haven't sold out to the Rap crap "genre". Good for them. They have more or less stayed true to their roots. I'm not saying that some Rap artists anent good singers. They are and some even play their own musical instruments. Even our Rapper where I work, Will has an excellent voice. There is a lot of talented people in Rap imo languishing their ability on such nonsense.

Anyway, that's my rant for the week, and my blog post for the day.


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