Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Good grief,
what a night. We we're doing MM and I wasn't doing to badly. I think I got about $145 on that. I got into a tirade there with some of the people I work with. It was kind of a fun tirade but I was also being serious because I was wondering out loud why do smokers get to go on x2 5min smoke breaks when us non smokers can't? But I'm going to have a rants page on my website and just link to my rants for anyone interested for my opinions. Why I don't know. So I got to thinking maybe I should start that now. I went over to my website (see sidebar) and my friend Markus in Germany has helped me last year doing some website stuff blasted a message to me.

Hey Markus, I hope you got my email. :-)

Alright that said after the break we had a bit of a shutdown problem and JT and I listened ot the Oilers hockey game from Detroit. They got beat badly 3-0. Ouch. We did CCSD and I ended up with $585. I ws glad to get out of the office. Extra cars on the train tonight. I got my bus and home. Yeesh. Weird night.

Okay, the reason why I want to move my rants to my website is because I want to be known for my fiction writing not for my opinions, such as they are. My opinions don't matter anyway, and my rants are only references to observations in my daily life and the things that affect me. But I'm going to utilize my website more fully and that's what I'm going to do as I'm planning this novel.


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