Thursday, November 16, 2006

For some
reason my website is down and I wanted to go in and play with it. I think this is because Markus transferred everything over to Iowa, most strange.

So I emailed Markus about this. It’s probably 9am over there in Germany right now since they are about 8 hours ahead of us. I’ll get more info when I get up around noon.

I took a ride out to the end of the lrt line. Very nice out there It’s about +4* but was +6* around 11pm. Just as nice heading out this afternoon.

I waited for a bit so Rob would be out of my hair. I went in and there was Tony and I just said something like how the appointment went okay yesterday and it could be one of 2 things, Macular Degeneration or Posterior Capsular haze. Tony even said that he has a friend with MD and he can see to get around, he just can’t read unless he blows everything up. I can live with that. So he had us tap shooters over to the other side and I did okay, $220 and the top total was $400 something and that was Jeff, one of the new guys. It was really nice coming home and I caught the train. The City had extra cars on the train tonight because of the Hockey Hall of Fame game we did on tonight art Rexall Place. Looks like they had a good crowd on hand.


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