Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The folks at
Blogger help forums have got my request for some technical assistance on how to correct my sidebar and profile. I also want to clean up all the spaces in the the profile and sidebar as well. One of the main culprits has been the "Works in Progress" bar. I've never been able to use that successfully. I can get the program from the owner and I was going to do that last year but some stuff came up and I never got around to it and I don't even know if Blogger beta can accept it. (if its something built into the Template or a program/code external to it.

We were going to go get our hair cut today but the weather report talked about freezing rain and that stuff is hard to get around in so at 11am I opted my wife, we should do this Saturday, after work. Might even go tomorrow instead as I don't know whats open or closed for Saturday's Remembrance Day holiday.

Raw was pretty good last night. On a scale of 1-10, I rate the show an 8. Good stuff.

As for last nights show on Coast, I listened to a bit of it. I was so exhausted I just went to sleep about 2am and I woke up at about 5:30am did the cbi thing and went back to bed. I slept until maybe 8am when the cats started to roam on the bed again disturbing my sleep. I just dozed in and out of sleep from there. I think I got 7 hours, I'm not sure.

One thing I'm considering is getting a Satellite radio. XM radio to go. It would be better if the units had a record feature like Pogo radio. I've been following Pogo radio for the last few years. It kind of looks like an Ipod and has am/fm local radio and has an external speaker and head phones great for hockey games. I don't know yet if this is something I want to commit to right now.

I do know that if I can keep my health going and work I want to save all my vacation pay like I'm doing now, put some more hours in and save up enough for a new laptop. Of course by the time I'm ready to buy, Jan 2007 all PC laptops will be Vista ready. But I'm going to do more buyers guide research on the next machine. When I bought the Compaq my buying decision was based on the price was right. Well, a bit more then that. I bought the Compaq because it had Wxp preinstalled and a 5 in 1 media card reader. I also bought it because all the USB ports and speaker connections were up front on the case and of course the price was right. But the Compaq was the slowest computer I've ever owned and the noisest. I've owned 5 computers since the Compaq. My first computer was the Atari 130xe. I had to plug it into my tv set to use it. Lol. I bought that from Curtis at "Electrolights" in West Edmonton Mall and I recall making weekly payments on a layaway plan basis. Actually Rob and Crissy with my last payment I gave them to give toCurtis the store owner and they brought it to work for me and drove me home after work. Very nice of them. I don't think I had any software when I bought it. Oh wait, I think I bought an Ssi game called "Wizzards and Warriors" something like that. I couldn't as far as I know do any word processing on the xe. I did buy a modem a few weeks later and I was able to do some bbsing on Bulletin boards. This would have been Dec 1987. Then the following year I bought the Atari ST. I bought a word processing package called ST writer and I wrote "Gems at Oriel's bridge." and "Meltdown" on that computer. I would use the ST for the next several years until I traded it to Uve's son for the 386sx. But on that computer I was able to do some word processing. I used that up until 1996. I'd take the 3.5 floppy disk into AVC and use their computer labs and print off my stories. When my father passed away in 1996 I got my first real computer and a monitor. It was an AMD chipset. I think it had a 10GB hard drive with W95 as its os. This was my first Internet computer as well. I used that right up until I got married and upgraded it with a CD burner. Big time. After that in 2000 I got the Wme machine from Mark at OS Empire (See sidebar) but that bombed out on me a few years later and gave me the "blue screen of death." I'm still using that PC but with W98 which he installed for me. I'm still using that PC from 2000 and it works fine since the Wme us removed and installed with W98. Fastest computer I've ever owned. I think it uses SD Ram. Then prior to my signing on with Blogger I got the Xp Compaq machine. I love Wxp. Great OS. I have had very little complaints with any of Microsoft os's. Other then Wme. Shudder. What a headache that was. This is why when I'm going to buy the laptop (hopefully) I'll do my research. First priority is the laptop starts up fast. I don't want to wait around 20 min before I can gain access to my desktop like I did with the Compaq NAV. Secondly, I want as much Ram as possible. I'll even take a preinstalled os if I have to. I also want the memory card reader as well, a dvd.cdwriter optical drives etc. Probably a high end graphics card but that'l drive the price of the laptop up. I want 100gb hard drive. That's about standard these days in a a laptop. A 17" display. USB 2 etc. But I will not buy a Dell or a Mac Although I'm considering the Mac Minni for other purposes. I'm also going to research the battery as well. For obvious reasons. Also, where I plan on buying the computer. I don't know about Future shop yet. Just because it's right across the street from me doesn't mean anything if buying the Compaq from them is any indication of things to come. I think I'm prepared to spend $1000-1800CND on the laptop. I'm even considering asking to boot it up out of the box before I buy. And I won't buy a refurbished item as wellor anyting buy mail. But this won't happen if I can't keep my health as in my vision going.

Anyhow, that's all for now

e. Jim

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