Monday, November 06, 2006

Didn't sleep
to well over night what with cats jumping on my feet and getting up to use the bathroom almost every hour on the hour. Add to that my wife doing the same, getting up all the time. So by about 11am I had enough and I went to the couch and put my feet up and dozed off here and there. Except for the noise upstairs, I slept fairly well even though I have a slight headache.

I don't know what my place of employment is going to do for Saturday, what with it is Remembrance Day and all. I'd like to Not work Sat and get paid for it and work the day before and the day after like we usually do for a stat Holiday. Have a weekend to work with. What with all the controversy with our troops dying at least one/week in Afghanistan lately, showing some respect for them seems appropriate on Remembrance Day. Well, any day really. I have a lot of respect for our troops and they are doing a great job in such awful conditions. I think we'd take a lot of flack because if we opened up our call center Saturday morning. So, I elect to take the day off. If it were up to me that is.

I got up at about 4:45am and I did a cbi thing and got a good idea for an opening part for the first scene of "F" and I wrote that down.and read some more in Bickham. Fascinating stuff.

Then I went back to bed and that's when the cats started to visit. I got some sleep but not a full 7 hours or anything like that. But I'm onto my first coffee and soon to Blog this and work a bit more on "F" and get ready to go into work for tonight. JT will be there and we'll talk about last nights Cyber Sunday and wrestling etc. No hockey on tonight but the boys play in Montreal Tuesday.

About Friday nights Oiler/Dallas game which Fans and local media are still a buzz about the misplaced call by referee Mick McGeough. Some people say, big deal it's only one point. Well, last year the Oilers got into the playoffs barely by one point and look where that one point got them. Right to the Stanley Cup finale. And here's the kicker, because Oiler Coach Craig MacT said something on camera as a reaction to that bonehead call MacT got fined $10G for his comment. I mean what was he supposed to do grin and bear it? He stood up for his team like players do for their team mates. The league does not like the Oilers. These types of referee shenanigans have happened before. There was another misplaced call as well during the Stanley Cup finale itself that could have cost the Oilers that Stanley Cup itself. And then McGeough apologizes for the call after the game. How big of him. Meanwhile, Dallas still was able to walk away with the win. Nothing against Dallas. I bet McGeough can sleep better tonight. What do we want? For one thing at least award a point for an obvious goal that tied the game with just under 5 seconds remaining in the game. That's good for starters and how about some accountability from the on ice referee's? The other thing is we want to have an second opinion and the ability to review the goal. They do that to a degree when the goal is up for review but not for miscalled goals like this one. was Okay, Jim..get over it.

That's my Rant for today :-)

The good folks at SF Signal (see sidebar) wants to let us know of their top 20 favorite SF films and they've got a pretty good list of them to. Just as an aside here's my list of my Top 20 SF/F films.

Woo Whoo. I got my gst rebate cheque in today


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