Monday, November 13, 2006

Anne’s been
doing laundry and vacuuming all day and not having a very good day of things, accidents do happen. On the other hand I’ve been having a relaxing day, watching the Oilers lose and watching then the West semi finale.

After that I went to work on the rest of “F” and I have the outline completed at last. I still need to do character sketches and I’ll be doing the lead Character Paul. Donna is the love interest; the sidekick is really Paul’s younger brother Billie. The bad guy’s name is Jonathan. Paul plays a detective as the story is set in present day. Oh there is also Donna’s sister Stacy. The theme of the story is based on transhumanism. The novel is slated to be 100k but I might even make it around 140k so it might not be done just yet, but that’s about all I’m willing to say on the story. I might have about 112 scenes in the story by the time I’m done. I think I’ll be working on the character sketches this week and I hope to have them all completed by the end of the month. I’m really thinking that 100k is too short. Most SF novels it seems are about 100k-150k. I like shorter novels myself.

It's 12:40pm as I write this. I woke up this morning about 5:30amm and did the cbi thing. I was ready to go back to bed but I got some nifty ideas for not only expanding the story but while still keeping with the original theme turned it up a couple of notches. I wrote this stuff down on paper. I went back to bed about 6:30am and got up as more ideas came to me. I think I got up about 3 times. By 7am I had enough and I went back to bed for good. I got up to use the bathroom a couple of times and Anne left to go to the meat market and I think that was around 8:30am. She probably had enough sleep as well. So I slept until 12:30pm and Anne was home doing her stuff. She closed the bedroom door and I had a great sleep from 8:30am 12:30pm. That was a solid 4hours plus the 2 hours after Coast. I think I got enough sleep.

I’m only now having my first coffee on the day.

Okay, some news finally on why my blog woes and why the sidebar is all screwed up. I got a reply from Thur over there at Blogger forum. I’m known as Envaneo and most other places on the web. Anyway, Thur suspects it’s a browser issue. Firefox doesn’t display css as well as IE, which is why things like the weather pixie and my stat counter and other stuff are at the bottom of the page. So until I go back to IE, I’m pretty well stick with this.r>

Snowing out there. Nice. I like snow days. Drivers don’t but I do, as long as I don’t have to shovel the stuff.

But this City is cheap. Seniors bow have to shovel their own walks in front of their homes in the winter when its snowing. In the past if they didn’t nothing and the City went out there with a bobcat backhoe. Now the City will fine them for leaving their walks unattended and won’t remove the snow. A lot of these people can’t do the job so they get relatives or do it themselves if they’re able. The snow isn’t so good on that respect. When I was living over there at the “villa Maria” Tea the caretaker was out there constantly shoveling the snow from the front sidewalk to the street sidewalk. It’s the City’s sidewalk they should maintain them. This City is cheap. At 9pm the university students one stop before the end of the line get on heading towards Clairview and the people that work downtown in Call Centers like me get on and the City only puts 2 cars on the trains to handle all that traffic. From Sept- the end of June when the kids get out of school the two car/train is full to the rafters and many tomes, I’ve got to stand from downtown to Clairview. The only time the City will have 3 cars on the train is when there’s a sporting event like the rodeo in town or an Oiler game. Sometimes they will when there’s a concert. But this City is cheap.

Anyhow, this afternoon Anne and I are going into work. I’ll put my 4 hours in and Greg will have the hockey game on as the Oilers are away in Denver. Then I’ll come home to watch wrestling and that will be my evening. Sp I’ll have a full plate this evening.

Damn this Blogger compose window sucks. Its not behaving well. I can't align left in some cases. I'm likeing Gl more and more.

That’s all for now.


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