Saturday, November 11, 2006

Anne came
in an hour ago and brought me Chinese but she wasn’t very happy with it. Since this was the first thing I had to eat today, I appreciated the meal.

While I was working on “F” this afternoon Anne had left the TV . Music videos. Sure enough Rap but then I heard another band and it was something interesting “Black Parade” My Chemical Romance. I liked the video. Then, the Killers. I have hear of them but first time I listened or seen them. I like them and another band called Billie talent. Good music. Yellowcard I like and bands like them. I was really impressed with MCR though and The Killers. There is some good music out there if you can sift through the Rap. I was going to go get a haircut tomorrow but I’ve got the hockey game on at noon and I want to watch that and work some more on ”F”.

Speaking about ”F” I got up to the end of the middle of the book all “scened” out. From scene #1 - #60 and I’m not done yet. More work on that tonight and tomorrow. I have another 20 scenes left to go. If all works out well, I might be able to start work on this Dec 1

Sometime maybe last year I can’t recall but Anne had bought me this terrible product: A paste like substance that is supposed to remove scratches from CD’s. I tried it on all thereof my Clash on Broadway 3 cd set. Even when I bought it in the early 1990’s it was used. I applied the paste on all 3 CD’s and as per instructions tried to remove the paste after it dried. I put the CD’s in my cd player on my computer and all 3 CD’s won’t work anymore. They were ruined. I was resigned to maybe never getting the package again. Until I stumbled upon Chapters and they have it there According to their website. Excellent. It’s a $40 item. So I think what I’m going to do as a Christmas present for myself is to get, The Clash “On Broadway,” My Chemical Romance, “Black parade” The Killers, and Yellowcard. So that’s 3 CD’s and some books. With the other half I’ll sign up for Markus web hosting and turn my GL site over there but so far he’s not really doing anything.

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