Friday, October 13, 2006

Well I ended
up lat night discovering the joys of YouTube. I stayed up until 2:45am watching The Clash videos. There were tracks in there from 1982 Tokyo where they did Armageddon Time and that was an awesome number. Many more great numbers as well. I’ve barely scratched the surface if this YouTube. I’ll probably explore more of it after I complete NW. If I can.

Anyway, I got up about 5:20am. I had about 2.5 hours sleep I got up to do the cbi thing and watched only one show on GY and I was back in bed by 6am. Anne got up at 8am and went to get me some McDonalds breakfast. I love their sausage egg McMuffin combo’s. She had to go back out and I finished breakfast and went back to bed. 2 more hours. After I got back to bed again, I slept until 12:20pm. I slept from about 9:20am until 12:30am so I had 7.5 hours sleep. Maybe 8 and I’m still tired. Getting up all those times. Since I became diabetic I haven’t had a good sleep strait through.

I’m onto my first coffee here. Trying to wake up. While waiting for Anne to come back as I thought she’d be maybe half an hour at best so I began to read more out of Old Twentieth and Anne came in with my breakfast. I think I read a whole Chapter of the book.

So last night I’m on a nice train ride home and at the news on sports I want to hear the Oiler/Sharks results. Cheechoo got a hat trick and the Oilers looked like they were going to lose 4-1 at Rexall Place. Then in the third Ryan Smyth scores 3 goals late in the 3rd period of the game beating Wayne Gretzky’s record of 3 goals in 2:11 min. Ryan did it in 2:01 min. Incredible. Never say never. The Oilers won 6-4. Next up they’re in Colorado. I just have to give my head a shake. What a game.

This weekend I’m going to try and finish NW and work some more on SO.I don’t know what I’m going to do with D. I don’t think D is even a story. Maybe there is one in there someplace but I might have to put it on the shelf for another time. Im considering AV next. Hard to say.

Anyhow, time to blog this and do my blog rounds before work.



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