Tuesday, October 17, 2006

We went
into work a bit stressed out and all but I had a good night at work as we began “Magic and Miracles.” Mostly small taps. I got a credit card and $559 top room total. Not that I got anything to show for it. But it was snowing when I left the building which was kind of nice in the evening.

Greg at work brought his son’s lap top pc with him to play around with. I like this unit. It’s a Compaq, same brand as mine and running Wxp but man is this thing ever fast. My PC takes me 20 min to warm up after Norton is checking for everything. Some 10K files later. Of course I only have 256Ram. His machine probably has 2Gb of Ram. I was really impressed with it but my vision is so blurry these days its hard to see clearly all the features in the brief time I had with it.

Anyway, I got home to watch the 3rd period of the Oilers at Vancouver and the Canuks beat the Oilers 2-1. Both teams will meat each other tonight at Rexall place. The Canucks clearly outplayed the Oilers all night and it showed more so in the last period I was watching. That’s when Anne came in and she made me some lunch and I watched Raw. It was good tonight. I would rat it a 7/10. So in about an hour I’m heading off to bed.

The above I tried to post about 1am but Blogger was down. I got lots of dead links lately. So the above is posted now. Anyway, it's back to bed for me. I just did the cbi thing and I watched GT.

AV is going well. I' m over 100 pages in the gender change part of the story. I tried doing this once before but failed. All I'm doing here is getting the story where the villain's gender needs to be changed. At least I had the good sense to separate the # scenes in each chapter. That's all for now.

I should have done this a long time ago. I decided to place a link to my story "Crosshairs" in Sciencefictional. As more stories get published I'll be placing links so you can go read some of my fiction. Crosshairs isn't a bad story it suffers mainly from poor formating choices I made initialy in its submission. On a scale from 1-10 I'd say it's a 5. Good but not great. I submited the story because it was the only story I had cyber ready on this machine. I've got a bunch of other stories I sent over the other day and I might get some more out there yet. Stay tuned.

More later.


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