Sunday, October 08, 2006

Vision is a
bit blurry today because of the floater. If that’s what they are. I think it’s what the customer over the phone said, scar tissue built up inside the lese. But the lens is plastic. This is why I need to see Doctor Morgan this week and find out what’s going on here. So I think Tuesday I’ll go in for the afternoon shift leaving out of here at 12pm so I can go in and make the appointment. If anything I can see if I can start at 3pm. I get an hour and a half in. Hopefully I can get this corrected this week.

I had a nice lunch before bed last night and I took that travel pill and we listened to Coast for a bit. Anne got up and did her thing and I just passed out after that. But I kept on getting up every hour or so to use the bathroom. I think I’ve got to program myself not to drink anything after 9pm, except for something during lunch but after that nothing.

I’m well into working on the scenes for SO and so far 1-28 is ready to go but it’s the middle I’m concerned about.

I’ve been working on SO all afternoon and I got ,ore background story and 10 scenes more or less roughed out. I’m at scene 34 and the 2nd crisis point. I’m about half way there.

Seeing as how I’m not a Turkey fan my wife made me a meat loaf instead and I’m happy with that. Not a overly special kind of supper. We watched “It came from Outer Space” Nice to see some of Russell Johnson’s earlier work. Anyhow I’m going to work on some more SO and play out the rest of the night, watching the news at 11pm and more SO and then bed around 2am.

Wow. It takes 6 steps to get from desktop icon to the posting window in this new beta version of Blogger.


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