Thursday, October 19, 2006

Tonight was
slow going, But around 2pm Anne had made an appointment to Dr. M for me for next Wednesday. So I ended up with an $887 total and $140 bucks worth of credit cards on the night. Rob and his rising expectations. $300 tonight for a line hour. Crazy. Edgar was the only one that did it. I walked out shortly when Pat did after they called my totals. That was enough. Anyway other then that, it was a pretty good evening. I caught the train home and found the front door key was jammed so a note on the door to use the back door. Rather a nice evening out there.

Still working on AV gender changes for the opposition character. Its going not to badly. I’m about half way through the initial changes before I rip the thing apart by scenes. In some places I have 2 scenes meshed into one Chapter. But since AV is going to be a trilogy so is RB. But I have book 1 done and book 3 done. It's going to take some creative jujuggling to get book 2 in there for each series. A lot of work ahead of me. But I work on it everyday a bit at a time.


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