Thursday, October 12, 2006

Those people
above us have their kid running over our heads. It sounds like we’re living underneath a bowling alley. It’s not being considerate to any body else. You don’t yell in a library, or tap on an aquarium tank.

I was going to go over to use the pay phone to call Dr. Morgan’s office but I’ll do that instead for tomorrow and make the appointment for Monday. I think I got maybe an hour sleep and up again about 4:20am too watch OPP. And both shows on GT. I’ve seen these ones before but I still stayed up for it as I couldn’t sleep anyway.

The kid stops for a bit then runs again. Right now it’s quiet.

If I get enough sleep this weekend I’ll finish NW and get that out of the way and hopefully work on more of SO. I’m looking at beginning the rough draft of SO Nov.1st

That’s all for now.


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