Wednesday, October 18, 2006

So we
went into work and we did MM again. I had a great night doing $1,350. That got me a $10 bonus. The vest total I had in months. I had a couple of credit cards as well. I got home and walking across the street as I tried to get my keys, I couldn’t find them being lost in the tearing of my pocket lining. I buzzed Anne but she wasn’t answering. I found them. Whew. When I got upstairs her shoes were there on the floor and her backpack. She had popped in home and out again.

I worked on AV and really getting into it. About 200 pages. More later.

Some 6 hours later. I was sleeping until Anne screamed at the cat for scratching the walls. That woke me up. I'm not very happy but I'll get over it.

So later today this afternoon I’m going to get my wife to call Dr, M's office and make an appointment for me. For Thursday afternoon. If this is indeed scar tissue that is built up on the inside of the lens and can be removed with lasers like that fellow said then great. But I won’t know until I go into Dr. M's office. I hope to know this week what’s going on. I hope nothing fatal.

I was reading about cataract surgery and something about YAG laser treatment. It seams that 3 out of 4 people develop a 2nd cataract months or years. It’s where scar tissue builds up inside the membrane. It’s like a 2nd cataract operation. So I hope I can go in and maybe it just consists of an office visit. He’s probably done this thousands of times. I never did go for the original follow up operation I should have gone in for back in August 2004. So a year later, no problems. Six months later last Feb I began experiencing small blots but nothing serious. It only began to get serious about a month ago. Basically the retina needs more light in the lens. It’s a procedure that is easily correctable.

Okay, I’m going to watch a bit of OPP and maybe some GT later as well but were starting to get into the repeats now.

There’s a good chance I’ll be going off line Friday until I get my Norton subscription renewed. Anne saw the program at Walmart for about $48 so about $50 after GST. We budget the thing for the $50 range. She’ll pick that up for me Saturday while I’m at work and I can install the program and get back online.

Also, management at knows I’m off Thursday night I have $100 bucks. Enough for my dues and a bit left for me for the festive board. So Thursday evening should be all fine and well, in other words, a good time.

Good stuff.


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