Monday, October 09, 2006

A pretty
good day today. I got 13 scenes done and most of the middle of SO more or less accomplished. It’s still rough around the edges but this is just the big picture not the details. I’ve still got to get the main characters done as well.

Raw was apparently a 3 hour show and I thought it began at 8pm but it was also their “family reunion” show. I saw “The 4 Horsemen” and it was nice to see The Million Dollar man and IRS. But I missed two hours of the show.

I miss my evenings off. And I think I’d like to do a few morning shifts. Many times I get enough sleep and I’m up early so for those times I’d like to get up early and go into work and have the evening off. I might even do that Wed/Thur because I want to go into see Dr.Morgan and see if there is any way I can get rid of that scar tissue on the inside of my eye lens. If indeed this is the problem. Firstly lets see if he can do something for me.

The people upstairs have had their kid running around up there all day. If the caretakers were in our position, you bet that wouldn’t last long. Yeesgh, what a weekend.


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