Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Okay, they're
tied at 1 each in Anaheim. The Oilers are looking pretty good. So in between hockey periods my wife has got the daily vacuum cleaner going.

I was thinking if worse comes to worse and I end up getting full macular degeneration, I'll at least have about 20% of my vision. I can still write even though it would be a huge hindrance to do so. It be like looking out at the corner of your eye all the time.

Another thing, as for my NAV woes, I'm going to let NAV 2006 run out its last 10 days here and then I'm going with Shaw's Secure. They have their own security services equal to Norton . I knew of it before but I didn't think my systems requirements (when I had my old W98 machine going) would support it. I didn't think I had enough Ram. I can certainly support it now. Not only that but it's a "free" service built right into the cost of my ISP bill.

The Oilers are in trouble, down by 2 in Anaheim. But never count the Oilers out.
That's all for now.


I would rather have 20% than zero. I hope things work out for you.
Thanks for your support.

At least the Doctor said it wasn't urgent so that's positive.

I've always worn glasses all my life up until the photo on my blog without glasses, taken after my cataract operation 2 years ago.

i'd would rather have glasses then having 80% of my vision gone.

Thanks again
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