Thursday, October 05, 2006

No lodge tonight
since I can’t get a ride. Neil had a tooth pulled today and is suffering with that. So I have a night off. Just as well because the Oiler/Flames game is on tonight and the Oilers are going to retire Mark Messier’s #11 sweater as well as raise the Stanley Cup conference banner as well. So I’ll watch that at 8pm. Neil will be heading out to the lodge on the emergent meeting on the Thursday which is two weeks from tonight. I’ll have my lodge dues then.

This is great because it works out nicely for the long weekend I should be getting. We’re taking Sunday and Monday off and working Saturday. The only fly in the ointment is my cheque obtaining that for Thursday. I hope I’ll have the lodge dues, regardless of when I get my cheque.

But the thing tonight is, Anne did not make me any sandwiches for tonight. But I took my bsl reading earlier and it was 8.7 and that was at noon. Now, some 6 hours later I’m at 6.5 and that’s going to drop by 8pm.

BTW, Crosshairs is still up at Sciencefictional if anyone wants to read it. It’s got 86 views so far since it's been up Aug 27th. Good stuff. To bad the comments section is week. I’d like to read some comments. Good bad or indifferent.


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