Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Next time she
wants to get up early on her day off don’t set the alarm when I need my sleep. It’s always harder for me to get back to sleep after I’m forced up or otherwise. Anne had to go on a bottle run and left just now which is why she got up a tad early.

Anyhow Raw was great last night. It had a new intercontinental belt change hands, Great off scene material as Dx ran the show, Their main event as well was awesome. I’d have to give this Raw a 10. I stayed up a n hour after that to do some blogging and we were in bed by 2am. I was asleep by 3am. I woke up at 5:35am to miss my Gold Trails’ due to the problem were having in our cable reception. It could be anything from a lose wire to a replacement of the set box itself.

When Anne called last night she got Shaw to give us credit on this ill because of the interruption in our service. For all we know the wind jarred lose the cable wire outside on a pole some place.

When I’m ready to send out a professional manuscript not only will I be tightening up the grammar but also spelling. Natch. I’m going to need a recent copy of Word and I’ll probably by Student Teacher ed. This MS Works word processor isn’t bad and I like the layout but I can copy and paste text into a new document and the new document would flag words misspelled and even corrected in the old document. Plus this eye floater is causing me some vision obstructions.

I don’t like to use reading glasses on the screen because the reading glasses hurt my eyes and can cause me light headaches. The eye floater isn’t much of a problem and I can live with that. I ’m typing this in Comic Sans 12. When I write, I use Courier New 12 and it’s a lot fainter then this and I have few problems. I might have to bold the font or got to 14 and reformat later. I definitely need prescription glasses though anyway.

That’s all for now.


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