Tuesday, October 31, 2006

My wife must
have gone out earlier for groceries or something. She was gone when I got up around noon. Since it’s Toney Tuesday for KFC, she’s probably going to treat herself to that today.

Last night I didn’t get to bed because of al the sleep I had recently and all. So why not work on F? I put together an amazing 13 scenes in this mornings session and I came up with some pretty good stuff I think as well. I wanted to stay up longer but I was getting tired and around 4am I watched OPP but it was a repeat and I turned that off and went and did the cbi thing and went to bed.

So, Im having my first coffee trying to wake up.

Seems like a nice day out there. Currently -5 and sunny.

I’m considering a rants opinions page over there on my Geeklog website but I don’t want to get to caught up in that. But rather then long preambles, I can just direct people to a link, I wan to do some website stuff once I have a better handle on my vision woes,

Speaking about which yesterday just as I was starting my blog rounds I came across Robert J Sawyers blog (my opening blog rounds) and he had a post about his friend Howard Miller. What Mr. Miller did was inspiring and gives me some hope if indeed I go blind. A prospect I may be faced with if I have MD.

Anne is back from her excisions. Out feeding the birds.

Our staff Christmas party is Nov. 22nd. This year at the West Coast Terrace in. Anne says she’ll come along with me it’s on a Sunday. but we don’t know what the times yet and weather there’s tickets or not or other pertinent details

Tonight, there’s no wrestling even though I did enjoy Raw last night. They’re going to have their Cyber Sunday coming up this Sunday and I’m looking forward to that. Also, last night on Raw, they introduced something new, voting for their main event over text messaging on the cell phone. It was John Cena against big Show, King Booker, the Coach. So over a million votes just prior to the main event. Cene against Coach. As far as I know, this is the first time since the cell phone generation during a live event that people got to participate in the direction of the show. I think instant messaging is used in some of the other shows as well as part of the show outcome. It’s kind of like taking a poll. People use them in blogging as well (polls). See SF signal. Interesting stuff.

The Hubble Space telescope will get an extended life as a shuttle mission will be launched to upgrade the telescope but that wont be until 2008 sometime.

Some medical news recently about anesthesia awareness. This happens when anesthesia doesn’t work. There ws a case here on the news where a fellow was going through nasal surgery The anesthesia apparently didn’t work and he was awake for most of the operation and apparently blacked out from the pain. Anesthesia affects 1-3000 cases and is very rare. This one woman in London England had stomach surgery and anesthesia failed to work on her and she was aware of the whole 2.5 hour ordeal going through all the pain from the operation. Pretty scary stuff. My little Hollowe’en story for today.

Anyway, have a safe Hollowe’en everybody. See you later.


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