Thursday, October 05, 2006

Most likely
going to the lodge tonight is in the cards. I tried calling Neil last night but got the answering machine instead. Also I found an interesting story about Freemasonry, thanks to Elizabeth Bear's blog. Has some good stuff in the story.

I should have NW done up this long weekend and then work out the story synopsis for SO completed by the end of the month. The synopsis that is not the story. The first part of story synopsis of SO is more or less roughed out. The whole idea of the synopsis is just a few words about the events in the story.

Looks like another nice autumn day out there. We got the jet stream slightly working above the City. Afternoon temperatures about 16,

I had another break last night and I was asleep by 2:20pm something like that. I got up about 4:30am to watch some of OPP and that was a repeat, so I read some more on Bickham and watched GT about Klondike Kate. Very interesting.. She was a show girl during the gold rush days and one with a solid reputation. She wasn’t a hooker or anything like that. I think she died in the mid 1950’s. Then I watched another one about Joseph Oliva Patenaude the jeweler that stamped JOP on the Canadian Silver Dollars in 1935. This would have been illegal back then and even today but the Government turned a blind eye at it. Beware of counterfeit strikings that have JOP on them, It seems the real silver dollars are going anywhere from $300/coin to $500.

Coast wasn’t bad from what little I listened to. Again about Politics. Mostly about Iran and Iraq. Better then the paranormal shows Coast is known to have several times/week. But it is Halloween month after all. Tonight should be a good show about “little people” and treasure hunting.

Some stories today from the Coast website. It seems that researchers have found a way to store information in a laser beam. Isn’t that interesting. I thought this was achieved already, old news but apparently not. It's not quite "Beam me up Scotty" just yet but it's getting there. Maybe in a hundred years or so. I think this would be more useful in computing applications then anything else. Also, at New Scientest a story about Hubble finding planets that orbit their parent stars at incredible speeds. Of course most of these "planets" are little more then gas giants like Jupiter. Astronomers haven't found any earth like planets yet. I think they're out there though.

That's all for now.


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