Friday, October 06, 2006

Light rain
leaving the place for work and Anne and I caught the train okay into work. I got my cheque and I’m happy with what I got. Good stuff. I had a slow start to the night. JT beside me got a $380 sale something like that and was the man of the hour. I was struggling to get over $100 and ended up with $137. I wasn’t the lowest but I was low. The best part was talking with a customer that had his cataract operation from the same doctor. HE mentioned that I might not have an eye floater but what it could be is scar tissue build up on the inside of the lens, It can be removed with lasers. It’s covered under the Alberta Health care I believe. So then I’m going to on Tuesday go into Doctor Morgan’s office in the afternoon and book an appointment to see if I can get this done next week. Mike gave me $20 to buy the donuts and I’ve got that for tomorrow.

I was glad to get home I had a nice ride in had a chat with a nice young fellow that befriended me. Shook hands with me when he got off the train at Stadium. I got home at 9pm it’s still lightly raining out there. Rather nice out there.

I worked in my work book earlier and came up with some pretty good stuff for SO. I like what I got as well.


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