Thursday, October 26, 2006

Last night
we got to bed about 1:20am, and I fell asleep about 2:30am listening to a bit of Coast. Good show. Now tonight we get ghosts stories and open lines. So I think I got a few hours sleep and I woke up just around 4:30am to watch some OPP and both shows of GT. I was in bed by 6am but I got a headache. I think partially this was due to the strong lights the Doctor flashed in my eyes and the eye drops etc from yesterday.

I worked some more on TBC last night before bed and my wife is right, that’s a lousy title. For the novel. After all, it's a working title only.

If worse comes to worse and I end up going blind, I can still write, I can get the program called Dragon Naturally Speaking. Lawyers and professional people have been using it for years. I’ll probably have to find a way how to convert that to Brail. But that’s the ultimate worse case scenario. I really think all I have is scar tissue built up on the membrane and a Yag laser treatment will take care of it. The best news yesterday is the Doctor said it that what I have wasn’t urgent, which accounts for why the appointment is Nov.20th.

Ahh, coffee time. My first coffee of the day.

Now it seems we’re going to be going back to daylight savings time after all. We set our clocks back Oct.29th. So instead of the Sun setting around 6:10pm here, it will set around 5:10pm. The Sun sets at its lowest point Dec 21st. After that we gains 2 min of light each day. That’s the way it should be. I’m used to that None of this late Nov stuff so all of North America is on the same page.

So Anne got her pay cheque today and her sisters money and I’ll get my cheque We got 3 cheques today. Woo Whoo. I love it when everything comes together. I just need to work more hours now that my future health wise is a little uncertain. If this is full MD then I’ll have some challenges ahead. As long as I have some vision left, I’ll still be able to go to lodge. But if I do have fill blown MD, I might get an AISH pension. So, I’m going to post this and try to find more information on MD.

More later.


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