Friday, October 13, 2006

Kind of a hazy
afternoon on the way out to work earlier. Anne apparently wanted to get off at The Bay and go into work saying that her voice was going. So I went in and I had a pretty decent night doing cancer recovery foundation. CRF. I did $350 in a 3.5 hour shift which is line hour. That’s a $100 line hour. All they wanted was $65/li. Anyway I got out of there at my 8:30 ish or so and it was kind of smoky in the air but I still had to wait almost 20 min for the train so it wasn’t getting out early for me at all. More cars on the train tonight. Maybe they had something going on at Rexall.

When I got into the apartment here half expecting Anne home she wasn’t here. But she talked about getting a Pizza but I can’t recall if this was for tomorrow night or this evening or even Monday. I don’t remember. Oh well. Coast tonight is open lines but Richard Hoagland will be on talking about artifacts on the moon around 3am. Might be too late for me.

So Friday the 13th 2006 is almost over. We had 2 Friday the 13th’s this year.

That’s all for now.


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