Sunday, October 22, 2006

I've been
doing research all afternoon on the location of my next novel. TBP. SO will be after that. I'm going to try and write TBP Nov. 1st.

Other then research, and some scene notes, I didn't get a lot accomplished today. I've been having problems with my NAV 2006 program. The Amazon reviews seem to support the same problems I'm having with this program. I don't want to tell my wife this because she'll have a fit. Next time I have some cash at my disposable I'm going to by the 2--5 NAV program instead and renew my subscription. NAV 2005 was a beautiful piece of work.

The other thing I want to do soon is to buy some more Ram for my computer. It came with 256k making it slow as political campaign promises. A local establishment has my kind of Ram on sale for $65 for 512k. I'd ideally like to have maybe $250 and then go get the Ram and maybe a couple of books all on the same day. JT might give me a loft as it could be on his way on a Saturday.

I'm seriously considering getting a game console. All work and no play makes Jim a dull boy. But the only games I'd really like to play are D&D/Everquest type games. World of Warcraft is apparently coming to the Xbox 360 and add that to Oblivion, that might make it worth while to get an Xbox. Maybe. I wouldn't mind getting a souped up video card but I don't thin my little PC can support it. For all the trouble of obtaining a video card which I may or may not support, I may as well get a console.


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