Friday, October 06, 2006

I’m developing
a SO workbook here and I’ve got most of my early scenes on computer but I like writing in the workbook as it helps me think differently. I’ve got a great premise for SO as well out of this.

I ended up not watching GT earlier and went to bed. I passed out immediately and woke up about 5:40am and to late to watch any of the last show so I just did the CBI thing and went right to bed. I slept until noon and up to get a coffee and work on SO.

I think I’m going to work on SO this weekend. I can finish of the last couple of scenes of NW off at any time. That’ll be done this month. I should have the rough draft of SO completed by the end of the year. Then I work on D for Jan. I hope to start D Feb 1st and finish D up March 31st I haven’t got anything planned for beyond D yet. Although I’m considering the AV trilogy. But planning for the AV trilogy after D might take me 3 months to plan for the whole thing, in which case I can revise and work on D.

That’s the overall game plan of course, for 2007, D and the AV trilogy. Also, I’m going to work on my website some more as well with Markus help.

Today thought it’s go into work and pick up my cheque and see if there’s a bank bonus for next week, it’s a 3.5 hour short shift and that means Saturday. But lots of people might want to take a long weekend off. Sat Sun Mon. They’ll lose their state pay. I took Thur off in lieu of Sat. So I work Sat and Tues and I get my stat pay. Works good.

Last night the Oilers got off to a good start. They won their season opener, 3-1 over Calgary. I liked that. The new guy Sykora got 2 goals. Roly didn’t get his shut out but they won the first of 8 of the Battle of Alberta. Both teams play each other again on Saturday. Calgary should take that one. I’ll be watching the game too of course.


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