Saturday, October 14, 2006

I woke up

at 3am when my wife climbed into bed. That wasn’t so much the problem as the humidifier she put on that turns the room into a sauna instead of cool, the atmosphere I need to sleep in. I tried to sleep but it got so hot in there I couldn’t continue sleeping but I’m up with a bit of energy and I think I’m going to sleep in the living room the rest of the morning because of that damn humidifier.

Anyway, I had to put down Joe Haldeman’s Old Twentieth. There’s no dialogue in the novel and it jumps around all over the place. Well very little dialouge. I picked up his Camouflage after looking in it for dialogue and it’s a different kind of a book but Joe Haldeman seems to write military fiction. Nothing really wrong with that but I can't get into something like that right now. So I’ve opted out for Neal Asher Gridlinked. I’ll change the link in my blog as well later.I don't like to abandon a book. I gave it a chance.

Feeling like death warmed over right now. I figured I’d go back to bed maybe she had that humidifier off by now. No way. So I dozed off here and there on the couch. I got maybe 2 hours sleep. If that. So, I’m onto my first cup of coffee right now. Anyhow off to work. Uggh.

I don't take a very good photo and this one isn't very good anyway but it's a rare photo of all of us together. My threee buddies. The family. Pledges is the orange guy and Silky is the dark angora. Pledges doesn't get along with Silky at all but in this shot they are co existing. This shot was taken yesterday afternoon at 3pm they are. Anyway, more later.


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