Monday, October 23, 2006

I went
to bed around 1:30amish slept until Anne came in and got up because I couldn’t sleep then. So I figured I ’d watch OPP and they were repeats. I did the cbi thing around 5am and went back to bed, but all I could do was lay there. I was wound up and couldn’t sleep. I almost feel like going into work this morning but that’s going to toss Anne’s ‘what she wants to do today’ off.

Anyway, I got into listening some more tunes from You Tube before bed. I discovered they even have Television. Was a New Wave band that played at CBGB’s. But I got some good video especially what blew me away was their Marquee Moon live. Tom Varlain and Richard Lloyd. Awesome. The drummer was excellent as well, Billy Ficca. This guy ranks right p there with Topper Headon and Clem Burke

So I went back to bed about 8amish and same thing all I s=did was toss and turn but I think I got a bit of sleep. Maybe 3 hours at best. I felt terrible. I remember Anne getting up saying something about going to the market or something like that. I think she left about 10am. So I got up and went to the front room. It was noon. I still had that too much sleep over the weekend hangover. I sat on the couch with my feet on the coffee table to watch the news. I opened my eyes here and there and before I knew it, The news was over and local network was back into the soaps. I slept for an hour. I feel somewhat better right now.

I’ve had since yesterday afternoon a little tickle in my throat. I hope I’m not coming down with another cold. I just had one last month. Anyway, it looks like another really nice day out there. That’s all for now.


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