Saturday, October 21, 2006

I went into
work and picked p the donuts and had a pretty good shift. Not spectacular or anything like that but I did $750. I had the credit card bonus within my grasp but the calls were coming in really slow. I ended p $50 away from the $800 LH and failed. I was just glad to get out of there 20 min early. A train ride to the South end of the line and then out to Clairview and a bus home.

When I got in, Anne wasn’t sure if she had the right Norton program for me. So I checked it was 2006 version. I wanted the 07 version but I figured 2006 would expire Jan 31st, I went all the way up to Walmart after Anne left out of here all mad and upset with me and they said it’s still good as it’s just a Version of the previous program. I got home and installed the program. Works fine. Almost. Anyway, I’m back online. At last.


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