Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I tried to
sleep listening to a bit of Coast but couldn't. I got up for a bit later and stayed with my wife for a bit and then we went to bed and I think I got an hour and a half sleep. It was a bit after 4am. Maybe 4:20am. So I watched an episode of OPP and both episodes of GT. I liked the first one when they were at a creek actually demonstrating how to pan for gold. The nuggets if any remain lay under the bedrock. They got a few flecks of gold. Not an ounce or anything like that. A shot glass of whisky is an ounce and youv'e got to do an awful lot of gold panning to get an ounce of gold. Not to mention that it’s back breaking work. They got a few flecks with the first attempt. Maybe a thousand panning attempts later they might have earned an ounce of gold. And that segment took five minutes. And you’ll rarely find that ounce in the same spot. So maybe in about 8 hours of back breaking work you might be able to get an ounce. Maybe. Here’s the other kicker: Most of these creeks is on privately owned land. The natives own the land they were demonstrating on how prospectors mined for gold. But I believe there are gold panning excursions you can take offered by touring companies, There are gold mining concerns left but these are huge operations by big companies and most of the land is staked out and even then miners and prospectors went over this land more then a hundred years ago.

I went to bed after that but I couldn’t sleep. I tossed and turned about. I might have dozed off here and there but I stayed in bed trying to get some sleep. But surprisingly I don’t feel to badly.

It’s a cooler kind of a day out there and for those that went into work this morning it was about -2. I was thinking about mornings but it seems they have HHF in the mornings. So the same people we are trying to reach in the evenings the morning staff go over the same thing. Before I do any mornings there, I want to get out of this current campaignwe doing right now. No matter how cold it is. If management puts me on Taps mornings, I’ll do a mix of mornings/evenings. No matter how cold it is. I wouldn't mind doing a few mornings/week.


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