Saturday, October 28, 2006

I got
out to a snowy early winter morning and took the bus to Clairview lrt. Some sops and starts in the subway tunnel and I got to Tim’s and ordered the 3 dz donuts. It was kind of tough going across the parking lot but I slowly made my way to the office. Success.

Work went by just fine. Edgar was their even Carl. Carl and I got into talking music and he said he turned 55 in May. Someone my own age there at last.

Hey, hey. The Oilers won again tonight and have a 6-0 record at Rexall this season. Best start in 20 years. 4-0 as Roly got the shut out and Ryan Smith led the scoring. Not only that but Calgary lost. Hehehe. Other then the snow, a great weekend. I had a nap when I came home and slept for a few hours and I feel pretty good right now. Bedtime about 2am and Anne and I will be listening to Coast. A very nice way to round out a stressful week.

Also, I had a pretty good day on the job making line hour and just $25 away from $800. Not to badly. Other then the snow and my vision woes, this week was alright and this weekend looks okay well.


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