Saturday, October 07, 2006

I didn’t get
much sleep last night. Anne and I had a a bit of a blow out last night but that quickly blew over. We were both pretty tired. Because of that I didn’t get much sleep. Maybe 4hours if that. I got my train out of here at the usual Saturday time and bought donuts for the staff meeting Will there at Tim’s. Work went well. I ended up doing great the first hour. Then it slowed down after that doing HHF. I got a $24 credit card. No bonus though or even bank bonus from last time.

Doing some more work in my SO work book. I’ve got the big picture sorted out.

I got home and I tried to have a bit of a nap but no such luck. Anne came in and I got my allowance. That helps. Other then that not much going on. I’m going to watch the Oiler game at 8pm tonight and that’s about it for today.


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