Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I caught the
bus to Clairview and the escalator was down. So I’m taking the stairs up huffing out of breath and there’s Anne holding the train open for me. I thought she left already. So now I get on at the front end and I have to walk all the way over to the back end by Carona instead. Sigh. I got out back there of First Edmonton Place, and through the parking lot. Very nice out there. It’s a nice autumn day. I ended up with $460 as we had a small tap crew. We lost Doug because he had a lousy night and they put him doing Cancer and Pat left just after the break and Smitty left at 8:20pm so we went and had just 3 tap shooters. First Doug is gone at 6pm, then Greg at 7pm, then Pat shortly after that, and then Smitty. By 8:20pm half our tap crew was gone. I ended up also getting a $20 credit card as well. I had a pretty good night. I got a seat to myself on the train and home by 9:30pm.

A bit of a scare as I almost got ran over there halfway through the other part of the 2nd lane when the cars were waiting at the light. I thought I had enough time. It’s not like I was crossing against traffic or anything like that.

The Shaw tech guy came by and we got a set box replacement as our unit was 5 days away from warranty. They honored a refurbished model for us and so far, out cable works great.

That’s all for now.



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