Thursday, October 19, 2006

Feeling sluggish
this afternoon. I got up early anyway and watched my two episodes of Gold trails and ghost towns. Or just GT as I call The first episode was about the K&S railroad line. The 2nd show was about Rock creek. Most of these places are not even on the map any more. New Denver is of course and so is Kaslo.

I’m having my first coffee this afternoon.

Doesn’t look like to bad of a day out there. At 5:20pm I’ll be calling Neil to see if I can get a ride. Otherwise its just a train ride to Coliseum Station and to catch the #8 there. Splendid. I can wear my old outer street jacket there over my suit and tie. No worries if I cant get a hold of Neil for a ride. It cuts into my festive board money. Not by much though. FB is still $5 and all I need is a couple of pops. The FB when I first got to the lodge was $2. But like everything these days prices go up. Lodge dues stay about the same.

Greg brought that nice little laptop of his son’s to work yesterday. I should have bought a laptop and I think I will eventually. But I need one with a memory card reader built in. I think Future shop has them for about $1200. Probably next January. I’ll save my vacation pay

Basically if I can just 28.5 hours or even 31 hours, I could say even put in 29.5 hours xmy hourly rate, In one year that should be about $830 add a couple of good pay checks onto that. Nov Dec and I’ve got the money. Best time is the first week in January. Trouble with this machine is it came preloaded with a min of 256 Ram and Wxp. When I get the laptop I want to make sure it has plenty of features. The computer is mostly used for writing but I’ll want to use it for other things as well. My current PC isn’t bad. It’s just slow and I think that’s mainly because of lack of Ram and the way I have Norton initially set up. Also, a laptop is easy to carry in case Anne and I get a chance to move out of here. Hopefully within 3 years.

Right now the economy is hot here. Or bad depending on your point of view. On one hand there are a lot of jobs here but on the other hand it’s tough to find a place to live here in the city. Rents are through the rough. Some folks have to move back from where they came from because they can’t find places to live here. Apartment units are going up all the time. People are employed and in some cases living in tents in empty lots, basically out on the street. We see the homeless all the time on the way into work. They’ve got tents in the bushes in empty lots all over the place. I’ve never seen it this bad before. Hostels are full up. It’s bad. The thing is though the price of a barrel of oil is dropping and that reflects on our local economy here. If oil drops to below say $40 bucks then we may see some changes. It’s a good thing to have of course.

I'll be offline tomorrow but back Saturday as I'm doing some systems house cleaning. Sorry about that.


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