Saturday, October 28, 2006

Didn’t think
we’d get our first real snow so early. I woke up 30 min ago as my wife was watching movies all night on the couch. That’s okay she doesn’t have to work for a couple of days. She’s a bit annoyed where she works. Nobody talks to her there. She needs a new job. Most of the people there are younger then her anyway and she understands that. So she went back to bed and I got up having had 9.5 hours yesterday and 5 hours of sleep over night Fri/Sat. So I figured I’d get up a bit early have a coffee and read Bickham for awhile.

My main project this weekend is to install Shaw secure. Once that’s up and running I should expect a flood of a weeks worth of backed up email due to issues I'm having since I installed NAV. Probably too many firewalls competing with each other is my guess.

Then I’ll be doing more work on TBC and fleshing that out. I might not be ready to write it until December 1st or even into the new Year. January first most likely or during the Christmas break. After that I’ll write S-O. I’ll be hard at work with NW anyway over the next few months. I’ll probably begin work on the third part of AV and add more to RB and work that for the remainder of the year.So no doubt I'll be writing TBP and S-O in the first half and AV and RB to round out the rest of the year.

As for today, I’ll be heading out of here in a few hours and into work to pick up the staff donuts and work out the 4 hours and home by about 3pm. If I’m up to it I’ll be installing Shaw secure and get that out of the way in the afternoon. I was going to save the last few scenes of NW for a long weekend but I think instead as I’m closing in on the finale leg of the novel, I’ll be writing the rest of the scenes for NW this weekend. Also there’s an Oiler hockey game on tonight.

Speaking of sports and stuff, I watched ECW just before bed. My wife had a big project cleaning out the aquarium tank and that’s when she decided to watch some movies all nigt/morning. When she was coming back to bed, I got up for my day.

If I end up with full MD then I probably won’t be able to watch much TV if all I have is my peripheral vision but if that’s clear then its better then nothing. I’ll be able to still go to lodge and even read out of the corner of my eye. But I don’t think it is MD as my vision is just blurred. I think its that scar tissue built up on the membrane is all. I'm not a Doctor, so I can't say for certain. But if it is MD, I’ll even be able to watch some TV out of the corner of my eye. Hockey will be hard to follow because it’s so fast paced. But if I can see the whole TV screen even though my central vision is gone I might even be able to see at least the edges of the picture and still get bits and pieces of what’s going on. It might be like watching a tennis match. Same with wrestling.

I recall back in 1989 when I was working at Rainbow productions before computers took over telephones in call centers. There was this woman, She was visually impaired as well. I can’t recall her name but she used this large over head magnification screen. Of course at that time Rainbow productions had all their files on index cards, nothing but scribbles and years and dates of a crossed out confirmation of a sale. I don’t know how long she continued to work there because I was over and done with Rainbow productions in the spring of 1990. I think I worked there for a year and most likely Mike is still running that campaign somewhere. That was the year I was trying to get out of call center work and on AISH. No such luck. Also too, I could still work on the phones, I’d just work hard copy and dial manually. But if I do get MD I’d rather be on AISH. AISH would even pay me more then CPP and cover all my diabetic expenses. Of course AISH is no substitute for losing my site. So, that's about it for now.

Anyhow, more latter


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