Monday, October 30, 2006

Coming off
Carona station there it was very icy. Work was slow and hard the first half but I bounced back in a slow tough "Magic & Miracles" campaign. This new woman across from my dialer was racking up the totals left right and center as most of us were struggling. We think shes writing wood. Sending out “information.” She’s been asking everyone for money to borrow. Finally she asked me,. I said. “Do I know you?” and she was p'od at me. Like I got money t burn? Yeesh. Now I can see it for people I knowand if I have it to lend. But of all the nerve. At break I was $112 bucks, It wasn’t until after I did well, semi taping the semies. I was glad to get out of there when I did with $307 by the end of the night. I walked around the other side of Jasper Ave and came out that way back to Carona and home.

Earlier just before my shower I did some more work on the latest novel. “F” I don’t like to reveal the title until the rough draft is done or at least until when I’m there to send something out. When I break out as a pro, then it’s okay to reveal the title. But I improved the story a bit more. I try to make t stronger each time. But for now it’s time to unwind and watch wrestling. If it’s on.


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