Thursday, October 26, 2006

Anne and I
went into work. I met her just coming off the bus and we went to catch the train into work, I got my pay cheque and had a pretty good night, doing $470. I got a $175 sale as well and last year it was on a credit card. No such luck this time. The Health Sciences train came bt and I caught that heading to the South side and I caught a glimpse of the train coming my way and it had two cars on the tracks. Mine had 4, So I think they alternate them, 2/4 kind of thing. I got home just before 10pm.

So I’m going to watch the news have some lunch maybe uninstall NAV and get Shaw Secure up there instead. So that’s about all for tonight. Oh, I got my pay cheque tonight and a $20 bonus in there as well, I wasn’t expecting. At least all our bills are paid up and we have the rent covered for next month.

My vision at work hadn’t changed at all and that’s a good sign. Also, I can get stronger reading glasses as well in the meantime. The ones right now, aren’t too bad but my wife says they got stronger ones at the Dollar-Rama across the street.


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