Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Yuck. Feeling
sluggish this afternoon. Still a bit blurry eyed but I think it’s clearing up. My left eye has been secreting some of this paste like substance, causing the blurring. And when I tub my eye it gets a bit pink. Now the only thing is, my voice is all rough and hoarse. So, working the phones tonight should be fun.

Anyway, I got up to watch HGWT. I saw The Rifleman from earlier but I ended up passing out on the couch for about an hour. I went to feed the cars and the rest of the cbi thing and by 5am I crawled back into bed. I slept okay after that, except for getting up to use the bathroom three or
four times.

Not much going on with Coast. Last night’s show was another soft topic: Reincarnation and Ghosts. I kind of sour on reincarnation. Here’s why: Every reincarnation tale or past lives tale, all the stories are, “Oh, I was a Princes to the King of Egypt.” Or “I was,” insert famous person here> Not once have I heard, “I was a truck driver hauling fruit in the imperial Valley in 1922.” “I was a farmer on a ranch in German in the 1800.’s etc.” “I was janitor pushing a broom in a store in 1960.” No almost all so called “Past lives” stories are about famous people. Or grandiose fantasies. I think I heard one reincarnation story where this caller said she was the daughter of this woman. I can’t recall the whole story but it seemed genuine. I know reincarnation is the process and past lives is after reincarnation. Where the soul (if we have one) supposedly finds a new host. Now I’m not too up to speed on this soul business and everyone has an opinion. Including mine. I heard it said that the human body is a few pounds lighter after death that may be true but there is no evidence that the soul even exists. If the soul exists at all, I’d say it is one of the properties of consciousness. Since this is a favorite topic of mine, I believe consciousness goes back to the Universal well called nonlocality. Is there any evidence for this? Bell’s Theorem seems to think so and Plato talks about this in his theory of perception. But I’m getting to deep here and I can go on and on. Maybe I'l write an essay on this whole soul thing. I'm kind of skeptical the soul ecven exists at all.

Yesterday I managed to do my 1000 words/day and I’m well on pace for that today. I already have 375 words in the bank and I’ll be doing more tonight when I come home after work.


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