Thursday, September 21, 2006

Yikes. I
began my writing right after the news after midnight. I ended up with 2536 words on the day. You’d think this was a weekend James.

I tried going to bed around 2:30am but sleep wouldn’t be my friend this morning. So I got up just as Anne came in. Coast had a great show on global warming. Personally I think global warming is part man and part nature. I wouldn’t say it’s all natures or all mankinds fault. Anyway, I had another great writing session from 4am-5am and went to watch Gold trails’ I tried to sleep from 6am but again sleep was not my friend this morning either. 6am rolled around and 8am rolled around. Nothing. I decided maybe if I slept on the couch watching some tv. I think I got an hour and then I passed out watching the news, maybe 45 min.

Anyway, 2,536 words for the day, 61,375/80,000 to go. Not to bad, I’ve got about another 30 scenes left to write.

A quick note of sadness here for Edmontonians reading this. Tuesday we suffered the loss of our old beloved weathreman Bill Matheson. Bill was a flamboyant well read weatherman and knew his stuff. He always entertained and brought wit and grace to whatever he did. Most of us here from the 80’s remember the Bill and Bill show. Bill Matheson and Bill Jackson. These two guys had a 3hr show called the 11-2 show. Local talk radio. I even called in a few times. My parents loved the show. So did I.

More later.


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