Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Yesterday afternoon we
went to work as usual. One of the trains heading to Clairview on the other track heading out of the tunnel was stuck. JT showed up and I sat next to me providing me with entertainment and I stayed at my dialer without moving to the front 20. Good. My first sale was a credit card sale as well. I knew I was going to have a great start to the night. I ended up with $383 and we did “Hockey Hall of Fame” all night. Most of which were semies. I was glad to get out of there and I stepped out to a rainy evening night with lightning and some thunder. Very nice. I got to the train platform a bit soaked and waited an unusually long time but all that came by was just one train car and it was packed! No room for me even for that. Cheap City. That’s the only thing I don’t like about Edmonton is it’s transit system and it’s so called services. Nickel and dimming people to death. I decided to wait for the next train (like I had a choice?) which had 2 cars on and plenty of seating space. I think next time if this is going to be a pattern from Sept-July, Except Friday’s, I’ll be catching the train to the Health Sciences Center and back.

And to add insult to injury the ticket police were out in full force. I got in and took out the trash washed up and answered my email and worked on NW.

After midnight until 2am when we finaly got to bed I had 1,371 words on for today. After work tonight I’m going to try and get up to 2K. Total words on the book so far 45,894. I’m already at the half way point of the rough draft. The story is rough and needs to be fleshed out but nothing short of a rewrite or 2 couldn’t fix. I’m a long way from a finished product though. I’m going to really work on this and make it the best novel it can be. I think I should have a finished product suitible for submission April 1st 2007.

The temperatures are really dropping just like the price of a barrel of crude oil. The news didn’t have time to show the markets this afternoon because of the shootings that occurred earlier this afternoon in Montreal. I don’t have all the details but it seems 4 gunman all white young males went into a lunchroom at Dawson School in the English quarter of Montreal and fired around 20 shots. I heard 4 are dead. I don’t know if this is a stand off or if all the gunmen shot themselves or what. Strange.

Anyway not a heck of a lot happening today. I haven’t broke the news to Will, that I’ll be off Sat but I want to do that tomorrow as I hope and I’ve been trying to get into the office early all week to do this. To work extra hours. If I can get in there tomorrow afternoon for the 1:30pm shift and then Friday, I’ll let Will know I’ll be off Sat. I want those lodge dues paid.

Anne earlier this afternoon went over to Wal Mart to cash in her reward points. She usually get’s around $50 every other month. They've been nickle and dimming her as well. That’s roughly $300 year in bonuses. I get a lot more then that. I’ve already received about $600 in bonuses. It's not a lot but I'll take it. At this rate I could hit up to $1,000 in bonuses by the ebd of the year.


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