Sunday, September 10, 2006

Who boy! It
was lights out for me about 1:30am. I woke up again about 4:45am to feed the cats and I went back to bed. I got up at 7:30am to do the cbi thing and back to bed where I slept until 12:30pm-ish. I think I got about 8-10hrs of sleep thanks to that travel pill. Anne says I was snoring away even a bit on the couch a few minutes ago while I was watching the Indy Race on ABC or what ever that was.

Coast had some guy talking about crop circles na dthen some guy called the calculator guy. What ever that was. I pased out around there. Anne’s making us a late Sunday brunch. I’ve got a bit if a stiff neck and still a rough voice from ;ast weeks cold. Other then trying to wake up here, I feel pretty good.

At 2pm I’ll be watching Daniel Boone eating brunch and then beack to the computer. Just some odds and ends here: My story “Crosshairs” now has 35 views. Third entry on the page. Atlantis finaly went up yesterday. Last week was the 40th Aniversary of Star Trek original series. I’ll be at the half way mark of NW this week.

More later


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