Monday, September 25, 2006

I'm exhausted. I decided to get right into my writing. I think it was around 4pm I started. I closed off a few minutes before midnight yesterday and I did a record 5,003 words on the day and I broke 70,187 words on the story. I had an amazing day.

Very tired.


Hello Jim

I've been looking for the stories you've written but can't find them.

Will you provide a link to you sci-fi stuff?

I've published 2 short stories so far. "Lost Worlds" 1994, which is no longer wit hus and a story called "Crosshairs"

There's a link to the story on my Blog page. Other then that, I'm working on a novel, which is nearly done in the rough draft.

Other then that, that's about it. I haven't been submitting as much as I've been writing.
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