Monday, September 11, 2006

What a disaster.
My sleep that is. I was in bed trying to sleep away and I decided well if I have to get up in 2hrs anyway I may as well stay up. So, I got some more writing done. I ended up with 1,483 on the day! I felt sufficiently tired around 5am and went to bed but I couldn’t sleep. I kept coughing from this cold. I might have slept for an hour. I got up, back to bed up again. Kind of like that until 8:30am when I did get some sleep. I didn’t even hear Anne leave when she left to the Vegie mart. I got woken up out of a sound sleep when one of the cats jumped on me from the dresser and I just dozed off from there-and I got a full day ahead of me yet. Sure work is only 4 hrs but it’s all the rest in between.

Over the weekend we’ve had three homicides. That’s a record weekend for us, One of the murders took place in an apartment I used to live in. The apartment that I had my power cut off that Aug before I got to work at X Aug 2000. The murder that took place there was a young man native in the 2nd floor from across the hall from where I used to live. At that time that suite was occupied by this elderly fellow, I think in his mid 70’s. All he wanted to do was to play the organ. I never heard him play much.

But I recall how I used to take a power cord and run it outside my door to tap into the building powering the hallway. I had permission from Ernest who at the time owned the building. The news item showed the whole building but it’s a small walk up 12 suites, Two in the back and front. The news clip even showed my old place missing a balcony today, which it had then and today has an apartment name under the main window. It didn’t have one an apartment name at the time. I’m sure it’s that building because of the large longer building beside it. If not it’s the building (where the murder) took place right beside it. The other murder occurred not far from even here on Hermatige and 50th street. Two murders very close to home and the third occurred on the south side, a 20 year old woman in a Mercedes of all things. A Van pulled up some kids inside shot her from the passenger side window while a bullet grazed her front seat passenger. Another passenger in the back seat got shot in the throat and is uncritical condition.


Anyway, I’m glad though I stayed up to do some more writing. I got a lot done and 43,201 and 3K done for the week. I want to get as much done before Saturday because I’ll be at the lodge Sat for both events including the festive board and to pay my lodge dues. Frank or no Frank. But I’d like to be at 50k Friday night. I also want to work 3 afternoons as well this week, so I don’t know how much writing on NW I’ll get done. But it shouldn’t hurt even if I put the extra hours in. So I want 31.5hrs in and Thur I’ll be saying to Will, I’m going to be at the emergent meeting for Saturday.

One thing about NW is it’s not broken. By that I mean the rewrite will be minor. I planned it enough where this is going to be a murky and not a dirty rewrite like the other attempts. But when they are done, I’m not sure how I’m going to approach the marketing aspect. Do I look for an agent? Do I submit to the big sci-fi three? Do I wait until S-O and D are also done? Lot’s of decisions. Speaking about S-O, I took a look at what I got and I have only a smattering of scenes. As for D. all I have is an inkling of an idea.

That’s about all for now.


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