Sunday, September 24, 2006

Well that
was an awesome writing day. I ended up with 3069 on the day for Saturday and 65,132 for the story. Excellent, and it’s going really well too. I had a great evening. I got up from my nap, having 2hrs or so and watched the news. Anne made me a great cheeae burger and friesfor supper. I watched some TV and then went right to work on NW. I’m going to try for 5k tomorrow. Then 5K next Sat and the book’s rough draft should be done. Then I’ll put it aside and work on “SO” I hope to start "SO" or just SO by October 15th. At 10K/week another 80K book, should be completed by Dec 9th. If all things work out well, I should have a finished pNW product by April 1st. In theory that is. I'm going to really dig deap with this story exploring characterization language, theme, the works. Especially spelling.

that's all for now.


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