Monday, September 18, 2006

Well, the
Oilers had their first training camp season game last night. Playing in of all places, Winnipeg at the MTS Center where the Winnipeg Jets used toplay 10 years ago to become the Phoenix Coyotes. There’s been movement to try and get another team in Winnipeg and even Mario Lemuix had mentioned during the cba lockout that Winnipeg might be a good location for their struggling team to go to. That’d be great. If it could happen. But the game played there last night I believe lubricated the rusty wheels of further NHL expansion North, Creating energy and excotement is the first step to these kind of things. I believe that within five years from last night there will be a new franchise of NHL hockey back in Winnipeg. The Oilers won the game last night 5-0.

Anyhow it’s back into work today. I hope there won’t be any fallout to me not coming in for Sat. “I did say I’d ne at the lodge meeting on the Saturday,didn’t I?” Ahem. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Well, I reached 55k last night. That took a lot out of me and I think I might take a breather today what with going back to work this afternoon and Wrestling tonight. Anyway, I’m having my first coffee. Anne’s still sleeping as she doesn’t have to work today.

Tonight the Oilers will be at Rexall place, I forget who’s playing but everybody is keeping an eye on the Makinov fellow. He’s a big boy. Say that means because of the hockey game, there will be extra trains on for tonight. Good stuff.


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